Sunday, 14 April 2013

Ant Quality- 6th Part

Today we will watch this video to analyse the 9th quality that ants have. It is PATIENCE.

Here, we can see that the ant's objective is to bring the small leaf to this colony. What draws our attention is how he struggles through obstacles, left the leaf for a while, tried again and finally  found a solution by calling his friends to help him out. He started his route and did not stop until he overcome.
But, we, good people, do we have such a virtue? We must say that patience is a virtue and not everyone has it.
What does this word truly means? Patience is "waiting without complaint" .It is a word and a concept that is used a lot in the Bible. An Old English word for patience is “longsuffering”.  Some other synonyms for patience are: tolerance and forbearance.

 To be clear, patience is a virtue that calls to other virtues, for e.g, self control, humility, generosity and forgiveness.
How to test if you have this virtue?
Imagine you have your supervisor at work. He is not christian and he persecutes you a lot. Regardlessly of how hard and exellent you work, he treats you without respect. He talk bad with you, at times even yelling and insulting you. What will be your reaction towards this?

Will you reply back and do the same to him?

If you are truly a person of God, born from the Holy spirit, your reaction will be contrary. You must not forget that patience along with all other virtues that follow are fruits of the Holy Spirit.
You will patiently bear his abuse. Why? Because you recognised that he is a fellow human being and do not have God in his life. Perhaps he feels threatened by his performance and is not at ease with himself. He wants to be like you and do what you do. But he is not being able. Or maybe, he feels low and weak. Instead of kicking a weak person and fighting back, will you not be compassionate?
If you bear his insults with a smile, he may gain confidence in you, see your difference and seek for this same light. One soul saved.
The problem why people are so impatient, is that they are first of all not patient with God.
How one finds patience in God? By believing and surrending all to the Lord Jesus. Its then that the Holy spirit fills up and grows in us the fruit of Patience.

Not forgetting that our patience is also tested through trials and tribulations. How much are you persevering in faith? Is it that you are not being able to withstand the longsuffering?Is it that you are only complaining to God?

Probably the best known story of patience in the Bible is the life of Job. To prove Job’s faithfulness to the Lord, God allowed the devil to destroy everything Job owned (Job 1). Job was a wealthy man. He lost his crops, property, cattle and servants. But most devastating of all was when Job lost his children. However, Job did not blame God. He accepted that God had a plan and would be patient for God to reveal His plan.
Job’s friends came to council him. They tried to find out what great sin Job had committed to deserve the punishment he received. Job would not admit to any sin. He perservered in faith and finally got victory.

Today, let us analyse our attitudes in situations which call for our patience. Let us be sincere and have this true encounter with God. 

God bless you, Thash.

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